About Tribe

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We believe that Family is at the core of everything. It's the reason we get up in the morning. It's the reason we work as hard as possible and take that overtime. It's the reason we strive for the best in ourselves. Without family, we are nothing.

We try to live spaciously, with as much travel, friendship, family and nature as possible. Our photographs are unobtrusive, intimate and natural. In January 2017 we welcomed our twin girls Zion + Vega into the world. Life has never been better.


How We Work

Our shoots are based out of natural settings - your home or a special place to you and your family. One of us will come and spend a couple of hours getting to know you and photographing discreetly as we go. We won't ask you to pose in an awkward way and we definitely won't ask you to say cheese. We'll capture your family just as you are. We want you to see your family in the most honest way possible through our photos, nothing forced and nothing faked.